North Hills Radio Club

K6IS/R System Information

EAST - K6IS/R "East" is located south of Folsom Lake. It is on 145.19- MHz 162.2 PL and 224.40- MHZ 162.2 PL. Transmissions on either frequency pair are repeated on both. It is a friendly repeater, open to any licensed Ham operator in the coverage area. Autopatch and speed dial are closed to members only. Members, but emergency and other assistance is available to all. Please ask on the repeater.

Coverage for mobile and fixed stations extends northwest to Southern Yuba, Sutter, and Colusa Counties, west into eastern Solano and Contra Costa Counties, and south into northern San Joaquin County. Hand-held coverage is possible in most of Metropolitan Sacramento. A transmit timer prevents the repeater from being held on. A courtesy tone will be heard at the end of each transmission. Please wait for this tone before transmitting to reset the timer to prevent being cut-off. Resetting the timer in the middle of a transmission is reserved for nets and net-like exchanges.

New Photo right - The small tower on the right of the building is our 2m antenna and soon our 220 antenna. The 220 antennas are at the bottom of the main tower side mounted. Transmit will remain on the tower, only the receive antenna will be relocated to the small tower.

IRLP - Node 7457 - (# is now required!) Talk to other repeaters over the Internet. IRLP Node Number 7457 is on the K6IS East repeaters 145.190 and 224.400. Our IRLP is open to any licensed Amateur Radio Operator. To call another IRLP node, press # and the 4 digit node, on your mike or HT keypad. Wait for the connect message and you are ready to talk. Be sure to wait a few seconds before talking after pressing the mike to allow transmitters to key up. If another repeater node calls in, answer as you would any station. To disconnect, either incoming or outgoing, use #73 on your keypad. Currently available 24/7. NEVER leave the repeater with IRLP connected. If you find it in this state, disconnect it with #73.

WEST - K6IS/R "West" is located near Zamora, CA. It is on 145.19- 123.0 PL. The squelch tail is set at 1 second. There are no autopatch or crossband functions on this machine. Some comments about the East repeater apply, except the West repeater has better coverage into Placer County.

Control Operators

 Contact the Trustee by if you are interested in becoming a Control Operator via .