North Hills Radio Club

The North Hills Radio Club will be holding our final meeting for the year on Tuesday evening, November 20.

The final meeting of the NHRC will take place on Tuesday evening, November 20. The November meeting is usually the time when we hold elections for officers and the one director's seat which is open. The nominees for this year's election are: for President, Kaayla Jaret, KA6YLA. For Vice President, Doug Emerson, N6NFF.  For the Director's seat being vacated by Fred Bailey, N6UMI, the nominee is Gary Lovegren, KI6IJI.

There was no nominee for the office of Secretary-Treasurer. This office is a very important one and needs to be filled. The floor will be reopened for nominations for this office during the November meeting. Please give serious consideration with regard to running for this office.

After the business meeting has concluded, our evening program will be: Bring A Project Night. Hopefully, since this program was announced in March, you have been diligently working on a project for this program. We all would like to see it, even if it isn't quite completed. If you have built a project within the last several years or so, bring that one too! If the project is too big to bring, whip out your smart phone and snap a photo of it and bring the photo.

Please remember that all meetings of the NHRC are held at our site on the third Thursday of the month, January through November. Watch out for an announcement about the club's annual Christmas dinner coming up in December.

We look forward to seeing all of you at our November meeting and thank you for coming to all of our meetings during the year.

All meetings of the NHRC are open to the general public. See you at the meeting!

Sincerely yours, Doug Emerson, Vice President, North Hills Amateur Radio Club. Amateur callsign N6NFF.